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    Delivery Charge:
    $30 - $45
    (S$32.10 w/GST - S$48.15

    20th - 31st Dec 2013 &
    2nd - 14th Feb 2014:

    $45 - $50
    (S$48.15 w/GST - S$53.50

    27th Jan - 1st Feb 2014:
    (S$64.20 w/GST)
    Food will be packed in compartment bento box kept in insulator bag to keep the food warm.

    Disposable cutleries will be provided.

    Food is best consumed within 2 hours upon delivery from the stated mealtime.
    Payment Terms:
    Full payment has to be made upon completion of delivery.

    Please make payment by cash or cheque payable to:
    TC Catering Pte Ltd


    TC Catering Pte Ltd
    1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
    Enterprise One
    #05-20 Singapore 415934

    Tel: +65 6363 7881
    Fax: +65 6554 7228
    Email: enquiry@tccatering.sg

      Please select one item from each category:
      Main Course (Noodle)
      Fried Dried Mee Siam
    Sin Chow Mee Hoon
    Hong Kong Style Noodle
      Fish Delight
      Sweet & Sour Fish
    Fish Fritters w Lemon Dip
    Sambal Fish Fillet
      Prawns w Chilli Crab Sauce
    Stir Fried Black Pepper Prawns
    Sambal Prawns
      Chicken Delight
      Chicken w Shrimp Paste
    Honey Chicken Cutlet
    Curry Chicken
      Fibre Treat
      Braised Beancurd
    Mixed Vegetable
      Meaty Delight
      Mutton Rendang
    Stew Beef
    Braised Duck w Mushroom
      Finger Food
      Chicken Ngoh Hiang
    Crispy Sotong Ball
    Golden Crumbled Scallop
      Fresh Fruits Platter
    Almond Beancurd w Longan
    Fruit Cocktail Agar Agar
      Cold Refreshment
      Orange Cordial
    Fruit Punch Cordial
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    Others Accessories  
    Stool S$1.00 : x
    3ft Square Table w
    Table Cloth S$5.00 :
    3ft Square Table w
    Table Cloth, Skirting S$10.00 :
    4ft Round Table w
    Table Cloth S$7.00 :
    4ft Round Table w
    Table Cloth, Skirting S$15.00 :


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