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    Delivery Charge:
    $30 - $45
    (S$32.10 w/GST - S$48.15

    20th - 31st Dec 2013 &
    2nd - 14th Feb 2014:

    $45 - $50
    (S$48.15 w/GST - S$53.50

    27th Jan - 1st Feb 2014:
    (S$64.20 w/GST)
    Completed buffet layout with table, table cloth & skirting. All food served in warmers, full set of disposable cutleries are provided include serviettes, trash bags chilli. Provide styrofoam cups, stirrers, sugar, creamer in sachets.

    No takeaway packaging are provided due to NEA guideline.

    Food is best consumed within 2 hours upon delivery from the stated mealtime.
    Payment Terms:
    Full payment has to be made upon completion of delivery.

    Please make payment by cash or cheque payable to:
    TC Catering Pte Ltd


    TC Catering Pte Ltd
    1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
    Enterprise One
    #05-20 Singapore 415934

    Tel: +65 6363 7881
    Fax: +65 6554 7228
    Email: enquiry@tccatering.sg

    30 pax - S$16 (S$17.12 w/GST) per pax
    50 pax - S$14 (S$14.98 w/GST) per pax
    70 pax - S$12 (S$12.84 w/GST) per pax
    100 paxs - S$10 (S$10.70 w/GST) per pax
    3000 paxs and above - S$9 (S$9.63 w/GST) per pax

     Plain Rice
     Butter Rice
     Corn Rice

    Chicken or Meat (Please select one)
    Teppayaki Chicken Cutlets
    Lemak Cili Padi
    (Chicken in Coconut Cream with Birds Eye Chili)

    Ayam Masak Merah (Spicy Tomato Chicken)
    Chicken Curry
    Chicken Rendang
    Black Pepper Chicken
    Ayam Kicap (Black Sauce Chicken)
    Beef Bistik
    Beef Rendang (Caramelized Beef Curry)
    Black Pepper Beef
    Kicap Beef (Beef in Black Sauce)

    Fish or Prawn (Please select one)
    Sweet Sambal Fishball
    Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish
    Black Pepper Prawn
    Sweet and Sour Sliced Prawn
    Sambal Udang (Sambal Prawn)
    Sambal Goreng
    Dalca Vegetables
    Mixed Stewed Vegetables
    Chap Chai
    Fishball with Tofu
    Tofu with Sitake Mushroom
    Side DIsh
    Mee Goreng
    Fried Bee Hoon
    Fried Macaroni
    Kuih / Dessert / Pastries (Choose 2)
    Nona Maniz
    Kueh Bakar (Pandan)
    Kueh Bakar (Belauk)
    Putri- Salad
    Pandan Chiffon Sliced Cake
    Chocolate Sliced Cake
    Banana Sliced Cake
    Chocolate Almond Sliced Cake
    Assorted Nonya Kueh
    Mini Muffin
    Chocolate Éclair
    Cold Drinks
    Orange Juice
    Fruit Punch
    Mango Punch
    Blueberry Punch
    No takeaway packaging are provided due to NEA guideline. Food is best consumed within 2 hours upon delivery from the stated mealtime.
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    Others Accessories  
    Stool S$1.00 : x
    3ft Square Table w
    Table Cloth S$5.00 :
    3ft Square Table w
    Table Cloth, Skirting S$10.00 :
    4ft Round Table w
    Table Cloth S$7.00 :
    4ft Round Table w
    Table Cloth, Skirting S$15.00 :


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