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    TC Catering Pte Ltd
    1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
    Enterprise One
    #05-20 Singapore 415934

    Tel: +65 6363 7881
    Fax: +65 6554 7228
    Email: enquiry@tccatering.sg


    Good food has been the soul of any social gathering for centuries, having witnessed a variety of occasions in the life of mankind. Be it the birth of a child … a longevity wish … a New Year celebration … or a tearful goodbye to a loved one … food has helped man through a range of emotions as comforting companion and today occupies a coveted position in any event.

    For us humans, there is nothing more inviting than a perfectly laid out meal spread. As the mainstay of any function, food is what lingers on the palate and mind of the guests long after a party. So there is little wondering why the hosts are so particular about choosing the catering and food for their unique and prestigious events.

    At TC Catering, we are dedicated to offering the best quality buffets for all kinds of events. Our high quality ingredients, latest equipment, world class kitchens and highly skilled chefs ensure you get only the best for your guests. Our buffets are designed to suit your event requirements of any kind. Our flexible food offerings allow you to design the menu and offer your guests the spread of your choice – just like your own kitchen, only without all the hassles!!

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